Aquilon Residence & Spa hotel

Aquilon Residence & Spa hotel in Bansko, Bulgaria

Aquilon Residence & Spa is a apart-hotel in the heart of a beautiful mountain valley which offers the best combination of SPA procedures, Hot Mineral Water treatment and active sports for your vacation. It is situated in the famous Banya village, Razlog area.
Quiet village atmosphere, with a minute proximity to crowded Bansko winter ski resort, Golf Course, Hot Mineral Water Springs, the crystal mountain air and the best Bulgarian cuisine will be always at your disposal.

Location оf Aquilon Residence & Spa hotel, Bansko

The distance from Sofia airport to Aquilon Residence & Spa is 170km. The Transfer from both Sofia and Plovdiv airports takes nearly the same time 2,5 hours .

Banya Village lies 5km to the north of the popular ski centre and mountain resort of Bansko and at about the same distance to the east the town of Razlog The three settlements in the skirts of the Pirin mountain form a sort of an equilateral triangle that is gradually becoming a large ski and tourist complex. In the village there are numerous hot mineral springs. The living proof of the unique healing conditions of Banya Mineral Water Springs is the ancient Rome Bath built in the village in the earliest ages.

Mineral water in the assembling catchments is slightly mineralized, hyper-thermal +57C, with alkaline reaction and high flow capacity. Described as fluorine, silicon, sulfide-hydrogen sulfide, sulfate-hydro-carbonate-sodium, containing radon and lithium.

Facilities in Aquilon Residence & Spa hotel

Hotel facilities :

* Big swimming pool with spring Hot Mineral Water (52C )
* Sauna +85C with Ice Jacuzzi
* Massage, solarium and procedure cabinets
* Caffee-Lobby bar
* Reception
* Elevator
* Ski rental and wardrobe
* ATVs and bikes rental
* Safe deposit boxes
* Free Shuttle bus to the Gondola Station
* Traditional and aroma steam bath
* Wi-Fi Internet
* Car rental
* Parking lot

Rooms and Accommodation in Aquilon Residence & Spa hotel

Aquilon Residence & SPA offers 8 Studios,19 One bedroom Apartments and 7 Two bedroom apartments.

Recreation & entertainment in Aquilon Residence & Spa hotel

SPA Center

Medical&SPA Procedures

Mineral Bath

The bath is taken in mineral water, mineral salts and humic acids at the temperature 28 - 34C. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by the skin, it increases the rate of blood circulation, positively affects heart and kidney activity. In addition, a series of carbonic baths has anti-stress effect. Various herbal extracts or Dead Sea salt may be added to the mineral baths. The bath lasts for approximately 20 minutes, after the bath follows a 20-minutes rest in a dry wrap.
Indication: heart and vascular system disorders, kidney and urinary tract disorders, nervous system disorders.
Counterindication: cardiac decompensation, epilepsy, tendency of hypotension.

Mineral Bath with Additives

The effect of mineral water is complemented by the specific action of plant extracts. nettle bath softens the skin, speeds eczema healing camomile bath has anti-inflammatory effects, improves healing of wounds and scars baths with a mixture of nettles and horsetail plant decreases backaches and aches of the joints baths with the addition of tannin, oak bark potion or agrimony potion have anti-inflammatory effects, smoothing irritation of the skin and mucosa during inflammation of the urinary bladder, urinary tube, inflammation of the vagina and perigenital area.

Mineral Bath with the Addition of Dead Sea Salts

Mineral water enriched with a natural mixture of minerals, salts and micro-particles from the Dead Sea, improves the flexibility and elasticity of the skin, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects, it also restores organism immunity. Indication: allergic disorders /asthma bronchiole, eczema, allergic dermatitis, urtica/, psoriasis, repeated and chronic inflammation of respiratory tract, aching joints.
Counterindication: cardiac decompensation, epilepsy, acute aggravation, opening of surface wounds.


For this procedure the effect of dry hot air at a temperature of 80C is used. The length of time in a sauna is 10 - 15 minutes. When you have the feeling of heat, leave the cubicle and cool down with a shower or a stream of water from a water tub. After a short rest, repeat the whole procedure, do this 2-3 times. You can insert swimming in a pool in-between individual phases. Always finish the time in sauna with a cold shower and properly dry your skin. Regularly use of sauna contributes to the increase of non-specific immunity, hardening, the overall regeneration and relaxation. It is suitable as a prevention of illnesses from cold, respiratory track illnesses, light rheumatic illnesses, functional disorders of blood circulation, migraine and climacteric problems. It is not suitable for all acute illnesses and injuries, with epilepsy, patients with heart and vein illnesses, oncological diseases and bleeding conditions. Do not forget to keep correct drinking regime.

Steam bath

This is a hyper-thermal overall bath, in air saturated with water steam to the temperature of 90C. A client heavily perspires, but the persperation cannot evaporate, so one of the most effective body cooling mechanisms is inactivated. This procedure means a large load on the cardio-vascular system. It is entirely a part of water treatment by prescription for locomotive system disorders.

Bath Air Jet

The bath Air Jet is an intensive combination of underwater and air massage in a bathtub with a sparing effect on the organism. It has an overall relaxing effect and it improves the blood circulation in the skin and muscles. It has to be prescribed by a doctor. The bath takes 20 minutes; water temperature is 37 - 38C.
Indication: locomotive system disorders, obesity, overwork conditions, sleeplessness.
Counterindication: skin injuries, suppurating and mycotic skin diseases, acute and feverish illnesses, cardiovascular decompensation, higher supervision of epileptics.

Classical Massage

Classical massage has a relaxation function. This procedure complements the cure in the cases of loosening stiff muscles, treating painful contractions, or to prepare a patient before medical exercise.
Counterindication: post-operation conditions of enterocoele and chest. Varicose veins of lower limbs, serious problems with blood circulation and bleeding conditions.


Jacuzzi is a special whirl-bath for several people, where numerous water jets provide underwater hydro-massage and air bubbles. It has a positive effect on intensive blood circulation in tissues and their massage, it improves their nutrition and washing away of metabolites, it improves lymphatic outflow and absorption of swellings and exudations. The time in a Jacuzzi /5 - 10 minutes/ interline with swimming in a pool. This procedure is suitable after operations, injuries and other disorders of locomotive system, after physical strain for release and relaxation, it is used as a subsidiary cure of cellulites and obesity. Jacuzzi is not suitable for acute illnesses, injuries and skin diseases and for children.

Paraffin Packs

This is a local thermal therapy. White paraffin with an addition of paraffin oil is used in the preparation. The affected area are dipped into a special container. This procedure is used especially for curing degenerative hand joints disorders.

Pearl-Bubble Bath

Pearl-bubble bath has a sedative effect, loosens muscular and mental tension. It is used for locomotor system disorders, to improve the blood circulation in limbs and to heal scars and also for sleeplessness.

Reflexive Foot Massage

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